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Keeping yourself cool and fresh during the scorching summer months should be a top priority. In fact, availing of a ceiling fan installation Brisbane may just be the answer to your prayers. Since the heat brings many health complications, you need to make sure you are armed with the right tools to combat this. Whether you are staying at home or working in your office, you need to have this important appliance installed.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Green Star Electrical Services has been catering to many people around the area. As a company, we seek to provide you with quality workmanship and superior customer service. We are composed mainly of most skilled and highly trained professionals that are ready to solve any electrical issues and emergencies.

Enjoy risk and hassle-free wiring installations and repairs, may it be for your fans, air conditioning systems and even other electrical appliances by hiring us. We can also avail of installation of lighting fixtures as well as antennas and sensory lights to enhance the ambience of your home.

How the Service Works

Improve the ventilation and the efficiency of your home by adding this valuable fixture. Whilst you may already have an air conditioning unit to cool your home, this might not be the most economical option. Not only will your unit work overtime, this can also overheat during the summer. Because of this, the contractors can easily set up your fixture by creating a pathway for new wires to be connected to your desired switch location.

Do you want to mount your fan in another location? Or is your fan located on a higher-than-average ceiling? Whatever the case, you don’t have to worry because we assign only the best people for the job. As experts in the field, our expert electricians guarantee that the wiring and mounting of the fixture will be done in a short amount of time.

Perks of the Service

Enjoy a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach towards cooling your home. With this appliance, you can improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. For warmer months, you can stop warm air from rising and circulating and provide cooler air to stay.

Though many homeowners don’t realise it, your fan will certainly come in handy during the cold months. Modern ceiling fans come with a directional switch that allows you to switch the direction of the blades. During winter, you can switch the direction of the blades’ rotation in such a way that the air will be drawn upwards. This allows the warm air to move downwards.


With our highly trained professionals in the field, we guarantee fast and efficient services any time of the day. Our electricians are strategic and knowledgeable in their approach, assuring you of a safe and professional transaction. Don’t hesitate to get their service since they are fully equipped with insurance and safety certificates to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

In need of ceiling fan installation Brisbane? Green Star Electrical Services can give you the most efficient and reliable service for your residential and commercial properties. Feel free to give them a call and one of their friendly associates will assist you.